Environmental Reporting

Wildlands Environmental Policy

Wildland Consultants Ltd is committed to minimising our environmental footprint. The environmental efficiency of our operations has been honed to the extent that we act as a working example of an environmentally-friendly consultancy, and have won an award from the Sustainable Business Network for our sustainable business practices. We achieve efficiency and a reduced footprint through actions, such as:

  • Compliance with all relevant statutory consents, local and regional government bylaws, and other relevant legislation.
  • Encourage employees to participate in community-based restoration projects.
  • Minimise the use and waste of materials.
  • Minimise the use and wastage of energy.
  • Reusing, recycling, and use of renewable products wherever practicable.
  • Where practicable, buy second-hand products.
  • Upgrade equipment and materials to more energy- and fuel-efficient products.
  • Encourage the use of walking and cycling.
  • Recycling of organic waste.
  • Ensuring that all agrichemical storage, transport, and use is undertaken as per current legislation/best practice.
  • Maintaining and adhering to our Wildlands Biosecurity Policy.
  • Encouraging suppliers and sub-contractors to adopt our environmental policy.
  • Reviewing policies and procedures on a regular basis to improve our environmental performance.

Wildlands Health and Safety Policy

Wildland Consultants Ltd is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for the safety and health of our employees and other persons in our place of work.

Health and safety is EVERYONE's business and every employee is expected to share in our commitment to avoid the risk of accidents or incidents which may cause personal injury, property damage, or loss of any kind.

EVERY EMPLOYEE IS EXPECTED to act safely at all times to ensure their own welfare and that of their fellow employees and others in their place of work.

Responsibilities of Staff:

  • Comply with all health and safety legislation and related regulations, codes of practice, standard operating procedures, and this plan.
  • Comply with all company health and safety procedures, practices, and rules.
  • Not engage in any workplace activities that endanger themselves or others.
  • Always use protective equipment and safe work practices.
  • Immediately report any new hazards observed in the work place.
  • Promote good health and safety culture within the work place.

Responsibilities of Company Management:

  • Directors have overall responsibility for health and safety.
  • Comply with all health and safety legislation and related regulations, codes of practice, and standard operating procedures.
  • Record and report all accidents, incidents, and related information accurately.
  • Provide resources to enable the elimination or minimisation of identified hazards.
  • Provide training and proper equipment to ensure employees are competent and suitably equipped to carry out their jobs safely.
  • Implement systems and procedures to document safe work policies and practices.
  • Manage health and safety through staff meetings and other face-to-face communication, to encourage staff to contribute to and participate in the identification and management of workplace hazards.
  • Make continuous improvements in health and safety management.
  • Undertake annual self-assessment audits of health and safety.
  • Manage timely rehabilitation, preferably at work, of injured employees, in an open and consultative manner.
  • Consult and support staff and any nominated representative on health and safety participation and management.

We are all potentially liable under the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015), and therefore we need to ensure that this liability is minimised.

Team leaders and site managers/administrators are directly responsible for the health and safety of staff on their team or site.

This policy is reviewed annually or when required by the Health and Safety Manager and Company Directors.

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Wildlands has met the Enviro-Mark certification programme requirements at the Enviro-Mark Gold level.

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