Strategic Advice

  • Biodiversity assessment and planning
  • Weeds
  • Animal pests
  • Threatened species
  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Rehabilitation
  • FSC audits
  • Resource consent audits
  • Assessments of significance under the Resource Management Act
  • Policy formulation at district, regional and national levels

Over the period 2001-2013, Wildlands evaluated many applications (more than 1,500) to the national biodiversity condition fund (for restoration activities on private land) and provided advice to the Department of Conservation (DOC) as to the values and feasibility of the proposed activities of each application.  Advice on ecosystem and species management has also been provided to landcare groups, QEII Trust, DOC, private landowners, forestry companies, iwi, and industrial corporates.

Other services related to Sustainable Solutions & Project Management