Project Twin Streams, Auckland

Project Twin Streams is an an award-winning stream restoration project which uses a community development model to deliver positive social, environmental, cultural, and financial outcomes.  The project involves working with communities to undertake environmental rehabilitation works within the riparian margins of Henderson Creek, Oratia, Waikumete, Opanuku and Swanson streams, and several associated tributaries.  This will generate social capital by providing education and engagement opportunities to neighbouring communities, as well as providing positive environmental outcomes in the form of robust riparian and aquatic ecosystems.

Wildlands first became involved with Project Twin Streams in 2004 when we were engaged by Waitakere City Council (now Auckland Council) to prepare a weed management plan for that would form a significant part of a resource consent application for the removal of riparian vegetation within the project area. The plan identified guidelines for minimising erosion, minimising adverse impacts on in-stream habitats, and undertaking revegetation following weed control operations.  In 2002, prior to Project Twin Streams being instigated, Wildlands had also prepared a weed management strategy for the Henderson Creek Reserves, which included the identification of 65 environmental pest plant species, descriptions of weed distribution, and prioritisation of weed control.

In 2005, an environmental weed management plan was prepared for Swanson Stream Reach 10, which identified weed species, mapped and described their distribution and abundance, and provided control methods and weed management recommendations.

From 2008-2013, Wildlands managed and undertook works to rehabilitate the Oratia and Opanuku Streams. This involved managing restoration crews, liaison with suppliers and sub-contractors, health and safety, quality assurance, reporting, traffic management, preparing works programmes, liaising with Auckland Council and Riparian Coordinators, and preparing budgets, forecasts and invoices.

Due to the high quality of the works undertaken in other parts of the project area, Waitakere City Council awarded Wildlands the contract for management of the Henderson Creek restoration works from 2010-2012, which included invasive weed control, plantings, and release of plantings.

Staff have worked closely alongside contractors and Council staff, and built a rapport with local landowners and community organisations including the McLaren Park and Henderson South Community Initiative.