New Zealand’s two native bat species - long-tailed bat (Chalinolobus tuberculatus) and short-tailed bat (Mystacina tuberculata) - are absolutely protected under the Wildlife Act (1953) and are considered vulnerable to extinction. Wildland Consultants provides specialist advice on monitoring and mitigation measures to address potential effects of development on bats. We focus on delivering practical management solutions, bat mitigation plans, and acoustic surveys and analyses.

We have the skills and experience to undertake:

  • Surveys to find bat foraging areas, commuting routes, and roosts
  • Bat detector surveys
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) of proposed developments on bats
  • Bat research
  • Bat management plans

Selected projects

  • Bat surveys at proposed wind farm sites
  • Surveys for short-tailed and long-tailed bats in plantation forests