Checklist of Indigenous and Naturalised Vascular Plants in the Bay of Plenty

This publication is the first comprehensive checklist of indigenous and naturalised (wild) exotic plants compiled for each of the 16 Ecological Districts in the Bay of Plenty, ranging from Te Aroha ED in the north through to Kaingaroa ED in the south and the large Motu ED covering much of East Cape in the East. Each plant record is fully referenced including herbarium voucher numbers where present.

This publication is a must buy for anyone with an interest in the flora of the Bay of Plenty.

Written by Sarah Beadel, Chris Ecroyd, Peter de Lange, Paul Cashmore, William Shaw, Sarah Crump.

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Botany Of Rotorua

Compiled by Bruce Clarkson, Mark Smale, Chris Ecroyd

This 132 page book published in 1991 with many beautiful colour photos, covers all aspects of the flora of the Rotorua District.

Sections are written by a range of well known authors covering history of the vegetation, native forest, exotic forest, pasture, naturalised vegetation, aquatic vegetation, lake shore vegetation, mires, thermal areas, micro-algae, Mt Tarawera, threatened plants, coastal plants inland, mosses and liverworts, fungi, and traditional uses.

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Newsletter Index 1984 - 2008

A revised newsletter index for all the RBS newsletters published from No. 1 in 1984 to No.50 in 2008 has been produced.

Available as a Compact Disc (CD) version with hyperlinking to individual articles. Cost $10 for members, $25 for non-members including p&p.

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Rotorua Botanical Society
C/- The National Forestry Herbarium
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Rotorua, 3046

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