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Tuber ladder fern, Ohope Scenic ReserveTuber ladder fern, Ohope Scenic ReservePest Plant Planning and Management

Company staff have a long history of involvement with pest plant inventory, priority setting, and strategic planning. Weed strategies have been prepared for several species and regions, and a national inventory system was also developed by the company for the Department of Conservation.

Company staff have undertaken weed surveys and prepared weed management plans for numerous parks, reserves, and private restoration projects.

Weed control priorities have been reviewed and developed for individual sites and at district-wide scales. Reviews of Regional Pest Management Strategies have also been recently undertaken for Taranaki, Wellington, and Hawke’s Bay Regions.

We are experienced managers of legal and environmental weed control contracts.

Other experience includes terrestrial weeds (many field surveys), freshwater aquatic weeds (a survey for hornwort - Ceratophyllum demersum in Lake Wairarapa), and estuarine systems (various projects on Spartina inventory and management).

Weed Mapping

The Company operates the ArcGIS Geographic Information System (GIS) software suite and this has been used extensively to produce digital weed distribution maps.

Weed Control Methods

Company staff have extensive knowledge of weed control methods and weed identification, with in-depth experience in plant pest control in a wide range of habitats at various locations throughout the North and South Islands. We are experienced in determining which control methods/herbicides (and concentrations) are most effective for the control of particular weed species, and minimising non-target impacts.

Willow control, Te Ngae kahikatea restoration project, RotoruaWillow control, Te Ngae kahikatea restoration project, RotoruaWeed Control Implementation

Company staff have successfully undertaken or supervised pest plant control for a wide range of weed species (willows, wilding conifers, Glyceria, woody shrubs, lianes), using targeted methods such as stem poisoning, foliar sprays (ground-based and aerial), stem cutting and stump swabbing, felling, pulling of seedlings, and the use of machine mulchers (bobcat and excavator-mounted) to remove large entanglements of weedy weeds.

Weed control has been implemented in indigenous forest, freshwater and estuarine wetlands, dunelands, revegetation sites, frost flats, indigenous shrubland, and lake and river margin habitats.

Recent projects

  • Moth Plant, Ohope Scenic ReserveMoth Plant, Ohope Scenic ReserveReviews of Taranaki and Hawke’s Bay Regional Pest Management Strategies (2014)
  • Project Twin Streams, Ecowater (2004-2014)
  • Weed risk assessment for the Waihola-Waipori wetland complex, Otago (2009)
  • Vegetation of the Eastern and Northern Shorelines of Lake Wairarapa (2007)
  • Ecological impacts of sea couch and salt water paspalum for the Department of Conservation (2003)
  • Invasive weed survey, mapping, and management in Kowhai Wetland, Manutewhau Stream, Avondale Stream, Opanuku Stream, Te Henga, Laingholm Reserves, Henderson Creek, Te Atatu Peninsula Reserves, Waitakere Quarry, Kay Road Closed Balefill (2002/2003), Henderson Valley Scenic Reserve and Seibel Scenic Reserve (2001), and Sunline Park and Chorley Esplanade Reserves (2000)
  • Management and supervision of legal and Environmental Weed Control Programmes, Waitakere City (2002/2003)
  • Waitakere City Pest Plant Management Programme (2002 and 2003)
  • Waikumete Cemetery Weed Control Programme (2002/2003)
  • Wellington Regional Council Parks and Forests Draft Pest Plant Management Plan (2001)
  • Wairarapa Area Weed Survey (2000 and 2001)
  • Contorta Pine Strategic Plan (2000)
  • Management and supervision of the plant pest control contracts, Waitakere City (2000-2005)
  • Invasive weed survey, mapping, and management in Karaka and Moire Park (2000/2001)
  • Wild Ginger and Woolly Nightshade Control Programme, Waitakere City (2000/2001)
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