Riparian Indigenous Planting

Indigenous (native) plants provide a huge range of benefits to your farm. They are the best plants to grow beside riparian areas because they will provide shade and reduce nutrient run-off into the water, improving water quality. They will never become a weed problem as they are plants that are supposed to be there, and they won’t cause flooding or erosion issues in the future. Planting indigenous plants around your property will increase the biodiversity on your farm and will provide habitat for a range of New Zealand’s unique animals and insects. Indigenous trees can also be used to provide shade to stock, or be grown specifically to offset carbon emissions. Indigenous plantings are appropriate on steep hillslopes for erosion control, in gullies, and around wetlands and waterways.


Scaling of pricing for one metre spacings:

SizePrice per plant
(exclusive of GST)*
0.08 - 0.99 hectares$9.95
1.00 - 2.99 hectares$8.95
3.00 - 4.99 hectares$7.95
5.00+ hectaresIndividual quotation

*Terms and conditions apply

This pricing entitles the client to:

  • A basic site planting plan
  • Plants
  • Planting (all plants planted at one metre spacings)
  • Maintenance of the plants for two years from the date of planting
  • Guaranteed 90% plant survival at two years from the date of planting.

Pricing is based on providing an ecologically appropriate planting which will achieve rapid canopy closure. Standard consultancy rates will apply for development of planting plans which include aspects outside of this scope. Please ask us for a quote.

Planting will only be undertaken at the time of year specified by Wildland Consultants in the planting plan to ensure best plant survival.

Site preparation is not included in price, but can be undertaken for a competitive price. Please ask us for a quote.

Pest animal control is not included in the price but may be required to ensure plant survival. Please ask us for a quote.

Herbicides will be used for site preparation and maintenance of plantings for this price. (We can undertake work on organic or spray-free farms, please ask for a quote).

Any exclusions to the standard terms and conditions will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

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