Terrestrial Invertebrates

Oashore, Banks PeninsulaOashore, Banks PeninsulaSurvey and Monitoring

  • Threatened species surveys, monitoring and assessment with management options
  • Baseline ecological assessment; terrestrial or aquatic
  • Assessment of invertebrate diversity and its significance
  • Full annotated species lists arranged taxonomically
  • Assessment of environmental effects (AEE) and mitigation options
  • Sampling of particular invertebrate groups, e.g. Coleoptera, Trichoptera, Diptera, Lepidoptera, Plecoptera or Hemiptera
  • Appropriate invertebrate sampling techniques such as pitfall traps, light traps, hand searches, Malaise traps and litter and soil extraction
  • Standard and repeatable survey methods
  • Multiple sampling events throughout seasons/ years
  • Long-term monitoring
  • Experimental design matched to the goals of the study and available funds

Data Analysis and Reporting

  • Analysis of invertebrate data using up-to-date statistical methods
  • Interpretation and professional presentation of data
  • Description of invertebrate species and community present
  • Identification of threatened, rare, uncommon and novel species
  • Determination of the significance of invertebrate populations
  • Identification of important invertebrate habitats and their extent
  • Identification of introduced species and their significance
  • Pest management plans

Selected Projects

  • Invertebrates of Tekapo Military Training Area, Mackenzie District
  • Lepidoptera of the Waitohi River shrublands, North Canterbury
  • Threatened invertebrates of Banks Peninsula and Kaitorete Spit
  • Ecological survey of Mt Watkin Scenic Reserve, Otago
  • Assessment of effects of wind farm construction and operation, Southland
  • Assessment of effects of hydroelectric development, Rakaia River, Canterbury
  • Statistical analysis of invertebrate data from Rakiura (Stewart Island) and Coromandel
  • Argentine ant control plan, Rotorua
  • Ecology and protection of threatened grass moths in the Mackenzie Basin
  • Survival and movement of translocated Powelliphanta augusta and an analysis of their habitat, North Westland
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