Monitoring Design & Implementation

Vegetation Survey and Monitoring

Wildland Consultants have carried out vegetation survey and monitoring widely in the North and SouthIslands. Company staff have in-depth knowledge of plant identification in the field, and species collection and storage procedures for later identification and/or confirmation. Company staff have wide experience in vegetation monitoring using a range of different sampling methods, including different plot methodologies, Point-Centered-Quarter (PCQ) sampling, Point-Height-Intercept (PHI) sampling, RECCE plots, photopoints, and line transects. Staff are also experienced in the analysis and reporting of data collected using these methods. Experienced teams ensure that plot establishment, data collection, data storage and species identification is completed to the highest possible standard. Monitoring projects include geothermal vegetation, impacts of introduced browsers, vegetation regeneration on offshore islands, lake shore vegetation, and threatened plants.

Fauna Survey and Monitoring

Wildland Consultants staff have undertaken numerous projects to survey or monitor threatened species (avifauna, bats, invertebrates, and freshwater fish) and pest species. Examples of projects include presence/absence monitoring for threatened birds, territory mapping of kokako, kiwi surveys (which have been undertaken widely across the North Island), frog monitoring, bat surveys and monitoring, deer pellet counts, trap catch monitoring (design and fieldwork), tracking tunnels, five-minute bird counts, mark recapture studies, distance sampling, and pitfall and spotlight monitoring for lizards, pitfall trap sampling for invertebrates. Fish surveys have been undertaken using spotlighting, electric fishing, minnow traps, and fyke nets. The company has undertaken habitat and fauna surveys for Sites of Special Wildlife Interest (SSWI).

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